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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Light and Sound in the Social Quantum Reality

Part I ~
Sound is delivered to us as a wave and we know that light too is a wave. So can sound produce a light or can light make a sound? A question I am sure that has been raised by physicists. We know that sound travels in waves just like light or heat does. But, sound cannot travel in a vacuum because to travel and be 'heard' sound needs something to vibrate like molecules. For sound to travel there has to be something with molecules for it to travel through.

Does that mean that when the wind blows and it rustles leaves, sound is the result of light's behavior? Or, does it mean that sound is a manifestation of light in time and space? What does it matter for social quantum reality? This blog and such questions attempt to understand the nature of social reality by looking at sub-atomic reality; essentially trying to look at social reality from its source. Which is neither here nor there but everywhere.

The human mind is affected by light and sound. We can hear the effects of light concentrations and feel air when it blows. And, why does wind blow? Because it is cold or hot? Air blows because of differences in atmospheric pressure. In the atmosphere the pressure at the earth's surface reflects the weight of air above it, which in turn is determined mostly by its temperature. So, what is air? Is air light?  We know that blue light is scattered more than other wavelengths by the gases in the atmosphere, giving earth that blue halo when seen from space.

Again, if leaves are rustled by the wind and the wind is air and the air light does that mean that light is making sound or is sound a result of light's behavior or does it matter?

I am not sure I can answer any of those questions and if they are correctly being asked. The social quantum reality is about understanding social reality on a quantum level. After all, light and sound make up as in create our social reality as they are catalysts for information that our senses take in and compute and react to. The way in which we react is determined by our collective social imagination. That exists in the locus of the mind as Charles H. Cooley posited. But, then sound would not exist without the mind nor would light for that matter.

Part II ~
And what is matter for that matter... when we talk about light and sound? Sound and light both travel as waves. The properties of these waves differ quite considerably. Sound waves travel a million times slower than light waves. Light waves have much smaller wavelengths, and only diffract through very small holes. This difference is the reason why you can often hear things that you cannot see.

Both light and sound either originate from matter or occur as a result of the interactions and movements of matter. Matter is predominantly composed of atoms.  Light neither has mass nor takes up space, and is composed of photons rather than atoms. Photons are wavelike particles of energy. When a 'particle' is at rest, its relativistic mass has a minimum value called 'rest mass'. Yet, a photon is a light particle/wave but we know that they do not rest, they always move. If they move, do have they sound is what we are attempting to understand. But light does not need a medium whereas sound does. But, does the light provide a medium for sound. No. But light interferes with other mediums.

We experience light's interference with other mediums. Can it be directed interference? Can light and sound affect our social behavior? Perhaps, we can use the above to answer that? Both light and sound either originate from matter or occur as a result of the interactions and movements of matter.  Thus, we could well imagine they can be used to direct social behavior. Can they be used then to create a social reality? Why not. What reality would we be existing in then? That is a very good question. Is it a reality of sound or light or both? And, whose reality is it? From my limited dimension, I cannot answer that in a way which would be familiar.
And,yet both play an important role in reality as does light and sound play a very important role in social reality; our social reality. Both light and sound together create reality but not on their own if we are talking about what we experience as reality - social reality.

Which brings us to a greater challenge and or dilemma when discussing reality = social reality. Was sound before light? What we know is that light is what creates what is real to us. Sound is a disturbance an 'oscillation' in light, a tingling of molecules.  In physics, one can read that a plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. Just as light [optical oscillation] consists of photons, the plasma oscillation consists of plasmons. Plasmons are a quantization of this kind of oscillation. And, maybe this is just what we experience as sound and light or visa versa...truly an exercise in the chicken before the egg scenario or the other way around.

Are light and sound interacting in and through us generating a fabric of experience called social reality and yet if we (as beings of light) are that which compose the threads of interaction who is the weaver giving the commands on the loom of time and space? 

But, from my world view (it being a creationists view) the reality we experience can only be the Creator's. "In Him, we live, move and have our Being... ~ Acts 17:28. God is light ~ 1 John 1:5.  God said, "Let there be light" Genesis 1:3. And, His commands would be an extension of His light.

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