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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Information and Timing ~ DNA as Catalyst or Veihcle... in the Quantum Social Imagination

What is it that enables? Allows something to be and to act? If we are talking about the internet or a computer program or any kind of program, add on, ad -ware, upgrade, then we are talking about the one who designed the program. We know that information 'coded' is calculated to run or be applied in a certain way and at a certain time which is when it is necessary.

We can imagine that information and its timing is programmed into our data banks, our DNA. Which when illustrated looks like a spiral of information. Exactly. We posit that the programmer enables through design of the program or by intervention as in overrides when corrupt information and or system failure is a threat. Now, amplify that imagining a quantum computer; one that is AI. That would mean it has a certain amount of free will or ability to act without constant direction is programmed in; largely this is a default mode operation as the essentials are written in a certain way so that the program will not doubt what it is and what it must do.

We can imagine that within the very 'nature' of the program as with humans DNA, there is embedded necessary information programmed in as a default mode so that the program has something to fall back on in case of a crash or virus in order to override false information or 'doubt' which is error. This allows the program to be rebooted by the program designer.

Its DNA, also contains all information of all past programs, all upgrades and all corruption that has been overridden and thus avoided in the future. Any new corruption that is enabled is enabled because the most serious of all system failures has again crept in - doubt.  And, all aspects are affected: information, its timing and its application or execution.  Does that mean its DNA is corrupted? Yes and No.

Yes, because of doubt and no not completely because of the amount of doubt and the already enabled system overrides set in motion by the programmer. What we could imagine as default modes and back ups.

In the last post, we were talking about light. Light carries information and in exists everywhere. DNA is a kind of program written on light that appears as a particular spectrum of light with certain detectable features that in fact serves a specific purpose for the designer which is to be a conduit for information and its timing. We experience this in a linear fashion and thus we imagine that all time and matter (information) moves in this way and only this way. Which is not true on the quantum level. Perhaps, we have always been able to move both forward and backward on this DNA spectrum.

Does that mean that there can be movement on this spectrum as in backward and forward? That is what we can imagine. The only 'glitch' or access denied regarding being AI is if the programmer enables this kind of open sequence or not. It is likely that the more one embraces the programmer's design one is more able to embrace as in appreciate and understand the programs given timing of information and thus the likely we are enabled at all times.

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