The Quantum World

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The GoldiLocks Universe We Live In!

Yes, Goldilocks as in Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. What does that have to do with the Social Imagination? Everything. The story is about human beings and how they see the world, as in imagine it.

The little girl with golden locks represents all the creation, innocent and beautiful. The three bears - God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The family of God. They leave the door open for those that are lost and seek a way back or seek to know where 'home' is.

They 'creation' try grasp at what is out there, which is just right. There is only the condition that is just right for man, for human beings because it was created that way. It just did not fall into place casually or causally by space gas which even as components of creation suggest that they were created as well.

There is no haphazardness to the universe. There is only the 'Goldilocks' universe... the one that is just right.

That is why in the social imagination, we as a group imagination, search for truths, search for identity, search for comfort, and peace in our imaginations as we desire the 'just right'. Which, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created for us and wants us to be reunited with.

what a quantum social analysis...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Arriving at Reality ~ The Social Quantum Delight!

Yes, it is a delight to agree on what is real and what is not real. Did you ever wonder why? And, wonder why there is so much argument or debate about what is real and what is not real. And, if what is real to us... then why is it real and who made it real to us? Is it all in our 'quantum imagination'? Probably 'yes' is the answer rather than no.

Of course, we scientists arrive at and tell us what is real and why. But, who are they? Just people who have gone through certain rigors to gain title. Don't we all make observations and contribute to what is real ... to the very thing that they get credit for describing in a university paper? Why... yes, exactly that is the case.

We do we all observe? We observe entropy, aging and or the state of decay which is all around us and includes us. To make it simple we observe the laws of thermodynamics. Could we observe anything else? That is a good question. Before, tackling that question. Let us review what the laws of thermodynamics are.

We observe that we exist is a closed system. Why not open? Because, in an open system, we could not and would not observe anything. What would be or exist to observe? You see, we are able to observe becasue we can recognize change. Change happens or what seems like change happens only in a closed system. Doesn't that seem odd. One might consider such activity to exist in a open system. Well, it all comes back to our ability to observe change, or that something is not as it was. The ability to observe happens only in a closed system. Its would be like setting a table in a room and then closing the door. If something got knocked over when no one was in there or no one was looking, it would be an open system; it means that the system is open but we cannot tell why or by whom because the it is open. Its as if the door was never closed and the wind blew in knocking something over. But, we closed the door and when we came back in, we noticed that someone or something knocked over or moved an object; thus, it is a closed system.

Yes, you can say that if no one goes in and no one notices it is open. Exactly. Once, we impose our position in the scenario, it becomes closed. Well, effectively we collapse the wave function, we close the door. 

In the first law, in the closed system, things move only when they get a push, or get agitated by other things in that system. They would not move otherwise which means their preferred state is a state of rest as we observe. In particular, it is like this: if the energy entering the system is supplied as heat and energy leaves the system as work, the heat is accounted as positive and the work is accounted as negative. We enter and observe and that is like the heat... and is positive. The results of that are work - reality.

The second law tells us that when that happens, you cannot go back, you cannot change the order. There was order and what comes through observation 'heat' and its results 'work' causes disorder. Really! Why? Because, the original state was at rest 'ordered' and then disturbed.

Its about information getting spent, used. As in the game of telephone. Where does that information go? Both positive and negative experiences in the closed system provide information, right? Yes, but for whom? Only those in the closed system. Can we stop or limit or observe differently? Perhaps... thinking of the 'glass being half full or half empty'. Is the cat dead or alive?

It seems that reality is dependent upon the observer. Yes, it does. Life is so abstract when observed as an adult and so concrete when observed as a child. Which experience is more rewarding, more exhilarating, more real? Is it because, as we age, being caught up in entropy or state of decay, we lose information. We lose that full reality of information. But, isn't information coming at us always no matter what age? Information ages as we age in this fallen world. The question man seems to be determined to answer is can we stop entropy? What they should be asking is can we live in an open system? And, how do we get there? Getting there would be delightful, wouldn't?

Yours truly ~ Dr. E.F. Gallion