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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel ~ Atomic Struture of Mankind!

Man 'essentially' in the flesh = 666 ... Man as in mankind is a carbon based life form. The atomic number of carbon is 6, within that there are 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.

Anyone having the tiniest bit of education knows that everything on earth is made up of combinations of different elements - all of which can be found on the periodic table. Considering that the periodic table contains 118 elements it seems a pity that organic life tends to feature only five or six of those elements in any vast quantities. The main one being carbon which is coal. A diamond before it was a shining brilliance was a lump of coal. And, coal is the most carbon intensive source of power as in energy generation.

That is why it would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body. The reason carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of the individual atoms. Electrons exist in concentric 'shells' around the central nucleus and carbon has four electrons in its outermost shell. As the most stable thing for an atom to have is eight electrons, this means that each carbon can form four bonds with surrounding atoms.

What did Ezekiel see in the sky? He might have seen the atomic structure of carbon which is let's say like this... pretty much the atomic structure of man. How could that be possible? It was just stated that carbon is the key to life on earth.  How did Ezekiel see or recognize that? Well, let's remind ourselves how man sees anything in this 'world', which was the topic of the previous blog on the site.

We think man sees with his eyes only... but it is the mind that sees. The eyes and brain are enablers as in processors but the true 'sight' happens in the mind. Could a man see his own atomic structure in his mind's eye? The most recent past blog discussed just that by looking at the function of the pineal gland. How would such a 'inner' vision help mankind in understanding what and who he is as a created being? That is a good question. The only possibility can be that by knowing what/who man is we understand what and who we are not - silicon based life.

So, one must ask...What's special about carbon and why is carbon so important when it comes to life-forms? Each bond in the above molecule is formed by the sharing of two electrons; one from the carbon and one from the hydrogen. The ability to form four bonds isn't restricted to carbon though, it's a property of every atom with four outer electrons, including silicon, tin and lead. What's special about carbon, and the reason that silicon-based lifeforms are restricted to science fiction (and lead-based lifeforms are hardly ever mentioned) is that carbon can form double-bonds which share more than one electron with another atom. 

So why can carbon and not silicon manage this double-bond trick? The answer lies in the size. You see, carbon is the smallest of all the atoms with four outermost electrons, which means that the electrons in the above-and-below orbitals are close enough to overlap and form that second bond. For silicon however, there are more electron orbitals in the way, the entire atom is bigger, and it is almost impossible for the outer orbitals to get close enough to form a double bond. This is why carbon dioxide is is a small gaseous molecule consisting of two oxygens both forming a double bond with a single carbon while silicon dioxide is a massive behemoth of a molecule made of huge numbers of alternating oxygen and silicon atoms and is more commonly known as sand.

You can just about get silicon-silicon double bonds if you try hard, but they are fairly unstable and will take any chance they can to lose that double-bond in favor of forming another single one. Carbon-carbon double bonds on the other hand form naturally and easily, and are crucial for every living organism on earth. If there were to be silicon-based lifeforms, the sheer chemistry of their atoms means that they would have to be built along very different lines to life on earth.

The above photo is of the sun during a solar eclipse.... one can imagine the darkness being coal and the light ring/stud being a diamond solitaire... man being a diamond in the rough!

 *Source of detailed information on carbon and its structure and abilities provided by S.E. Gould

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pineal Gland: The Gateway of Social Quantum Reality!

The pineal gland is accumulation of nerve tissue in the brain located near the center of the skull and right above the upper end of the spinal cord. It is shaped as a small cone and reddish-gray in color. Located in front of the cerebellum and attached to the third ventricle of the brain, it contains a large amount of particulate matter, similar to grains of sand, therefore it is sometimes called grainy tissue.
Studies have shown that this substance is absent in children under the age of 7, mentally challenged people and those who suffer from some mental disorders. Occultists know that this grainy tissues is the key to human spirituality. It serves as a bridging link between the mind and the body.
Scientists have also repeatedly made assumptions that the crystals of brain’s grainy tissue are capable of absorbing non-electromagnetic radiation. Back in the early 70’s of the twentieth century, the famous Soviet physical chemist and professor of the Moscow University Nikolai Kobozev, while analyzing the phenomenon of consciousness, has come to a conclusion that the molecular structure of brain tissue is not responsible for the thinking process, it requires excitation by external flows with ultra-light particles called “psychons”.
According to this hypothesis, a person does not think out of willpower, but because the pineal gland with grainy tissue in the brain absorbs cosmic radiation. The “psychons” are the main carriers and transmitters of mental and emotional impulses.
The pineal gland of the brain is part of a quantum computer inside our head and brain’s grainy tissue is the physical substance of the quantum processor.
Shortly after we are born, our quantum computer is still clean, it is not loaded with any programs (tabula rasa) to help us deal with the busy world around us. Hence, reality is the social exchange of quantum information among other 'common among us' essentially other pineal glands... maybe!
Yes, society is a kind of mainframe... a super computer, as a device we will rely on, is not quite ready be used yet, the final “assembly” is not complete. It’s like the physics of quantum information exchange when  systems of interacting nonlocal correlations are linked, but they cannot become true quantum computers. To get a quantum computer, it is necessary to organize the qubits, which can be selectively manipulated to perform logical operations to attain tangible results.
A child is similar in this respect, when at first, he or she is closer to the world of subtlety, with epiphysis qubits, which help to perform logical operations, still absent. Brain’s grainy tissue and hydroxyapatite crystals are developed and function as physical media qubits, are formed gradually, as the child grows, when he or she begins to master the mental constructs and logical operations.

~ Source:  http://www.learning-mind.com/pineal-gland-the-gateway-to-other-dimensions-or-a-quantum-computer-in-our-head/