The Quantum World

Monday, July 25, 2016

Life in a Program ~ Can the Creation know the Creator?

When it comes to a complex design, one would like to know the designer or at least try to understand what they were thinking, how it all came to be. Right? When looking at the beauty of a complex design, one would never conclude that it was all by chance, created on a whim, or out of chaos. Something always governs some thing, there is no such thing as no thing and nothing. Why would a random event cause creative beings that wish to understand their creation?

People say that there is no creator because we cannot see the creator. It maybe that the creator is bigger and or so much more complex than the creation, he/it is invisible to the creation or only partially visible in the creation itself.

If we take for illustration a computer game programmer, then we can better understand the above reasoning. A programmer creates not only the characters but all the environment that they exist in, objects and other characters. Do they have free will? So some extent they do, they can choose not to function as created to function. Do they understand what and where they are? Only that they are in a place and that its existence is embedded in their program from which they cannot reckon ever being detached or deleted from.

Can they ever know the creator of the program? Not in his/her entirety. It would be impossible as the creator is so much more complex, so much bigger, so outside of their created dimension. If the program is corrupted, can they be saved? Of course, the programmer saves its creation as long as its creation wants to be saved and or is not beyond corruption that it fails to accept the creator and salvation. 

Can the creation know the creator? What is to know? Only that there is a creator!