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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cycles or Looping in a Seemingly LinearTime?

In the previous post, we imagined that information and its timing is programmed into our data banks, our DNA. Which when illustrated looks like a spiral of information. Exactly. We posited that the programmer enables through design of the program or by intervention as in overrides when corrupt information and or system failure is a threat. Now, amplify that imagining a quantum computer; one that is AI. That would mean it has a certain amount of free will or ability to act without constant direction is programmed in; largely this is a default mode operation as the essentials are written in a certain way so that the program will not doubt what it is and what it must do.

As with any complex program, information can become stuck and loop. Which is an inherent aspect of the program's overriding capabilities. Really? But, not in a way that we in our 'time' oriented imagination thinks of overcoming or overriding false information. It is the looping of corrupt information that winds up, crashes and is rebooted that gradually deflates or shrinks as it is being reduced over time within this entropic universe.

We experience this crashing and restarting of the program over and over; thus, it seems as a looping in a linear progression. If I could draw an illustration, it would be a kind of shoestring line that loops and moves forward as it does. Its necessary system function which will eventually spiral down catching data along the way that holds fast to or acknowledges the default mode. Clinging to it in order to be saved.

One might consider to view this as end times, or approaching the singularity. We can ask ...how is this being observed in the social imagination? We can imagine a downward spiral among social actors concerning information exchange regarding its accuracy or truth in the collective social imagination...which seems to be groping for the light in the darkness of an unreal existence/program, searching for a more real reality and its source... which is to come because this existence has been corrupted and hence we are experiencing cycles-looping!

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