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Monday, March 2, 2015

Social Reality exists Best in Compatibility Mode

Not only is compatibility important for people but also machines, programs and the cosmos. Does that include the quantum world? I suppose so, everything interacts ~ many worlds interacting, right. How important is it? In programming compatibility is everything. Things just don't work well if they are not compatible. Information that sticks around does so because it is compatible with surroundings, those that exchange information and the place it is exchanged in.

In his book, "The Fabric of the Cosmos", Brain Greene (one of the world's leading physicists), talks about 'Pruning History' which does not sound like 'compatibility mode', but doesn't it. I mean pruning is about selecting certain elements/things/people and or information that appears to work best together. Greene tells us that his pruning is more like Niels Bohr's principle of complementarity; in that, one's own observation of either an electron or photon on its path has an impact on the path taken. Since they both have wavelike and particle like aspects...they are complementary features, they basically do what you the observer tell them to do.
On the quantum level, even if you could somehow force one to go one way and the other the other way, once you look, it will end being one way, your way. Greene says that our observation prunes the branches of quantum history; which means that our information controls the information that we choose to control. We choose information that is comfortable, easy and steady or stable. The resulting information will be what we want because it is compatible with the information we already have.

Socially -we act on the basis of our information. Of course, a reconfiguration of social dynamics between social interacting entities can happen (conversation) and that alone can be the catalyst of change as long as the information is compatible. When the reconfiguration of social dynamics is incompatible then there will be no change as there was no significant interference. We can imagine that when there is no interference going at all from any thing, there is no social interaction going on.  Even if we are able to determine any difference at all, it is not interference of just any kind but interference of a particular kind, the moment of observation is that particular. Compatibility is ultimately what makes social reality something we can all jump on board with whether we are talking about particles/waves electrons/photons, people or things as in computer programs. 

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