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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Food of the Future ~ Its all in the Fission?

I am sure you have seen on Star Trek how code is programmed into what looks like a microwave and out pops a cup of coffee or a full meal. Is that possible? It will be. We are already moving into the 'maker society', as in 3D printing. However, it is a bit more than that regarding printing out a cup of really good coffee. Its all a matter of Fission, right?

E=mc2 We all know or can read about how Albert Einstein came up with that most famous formula in physics in a 1905 paper on Special Relativity titled Does the Inertia of an object depend upon its energy content? Essentially, the equation says that mass and energy are intimately related. I, like you, have read that what makes it particularly hard is that c2 term, the speed of light squared. It accounts for the huge amounts of energy released in nuclear reactions, and the huge amount you’d need to inject to turn energy into matter.
Since I am just a sociologist who discusses quantum ideas to social reality, I can only imagine how that fission application will improve our lives or not.

Therefore, imagining that we could just program our microwaves and create 'make' food would be.
Nature does this all the time. Doesn't it? For example, look at plants. What creates plants? Energy! They take in the energy of the sun and create matter which we feed upon. Energy seems to be the basic food of the universe. We just don't know yet how to manipulate it yet. Though we have some idea when we feed animals and then take their meat or milk. They take in energy and create matter - a steak or chunk of cheese.

Nanotechnology takes individual atoms and makes things. Nanobots are little tiny molecular machines assembling things at the atomic level. They are essentially creating things at the atomic level. Why not food?
What would that mean for society? Well, for one a lot of jobs would be lost. Second, it would be ease the impact that man has on the earth, no more tilling the soil, using chemical fertilizer or genetically altering seed so that they withstand climate change and fungus.

We could all make our own food.

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