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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Social Reality in a Closed System!

Yes, a closed system. Oh, you say that we live in an open system. No, we don't. In a closed system, there is only so much information that can be accessed and measured and known as existing as it has measurable definition. Even if new information were to 'come in' it is now within a closed system because someone has recognized it as 'new' to this system. In an open system, no one would be able to determine if something was new or old. And, you know that a 'scientist' can only measure the speed of light in a closed system. And, that applies to anything we want to measure; its only measurable in a closed system which has given boundaries, set perimeters and definition that can be measured. I have to smile at some people who call themselves 'scientists'. 

One such scientist exists at MIT thinks that there are random clumps of dirt on the earth. "You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant,” said he. I would like to know how he defines 'random' atoms and why he assumes they are random and what defines it as random in a closed system. I will answer for him. He thinks that because he chose a clump of atoms / dirt from any other, its random. That's pretty arrogant and presumptuous. In fact, he is denying non-locality. Because in quantum physics, his atom choice is made and it is the same in another place in this closed system. If something were truly random, it would have to exist in an open system and guess what; we would not be able to recognize it one from another because in an open system nothing has true definition. But, we live in a closed system of particular information. 

Again, you / he may argue and ask me to explain how is that new information comes in. I would say 'new information' does not come in but if it does, its only possible because we are in a closed system. Yes, you/ he could only recognize it as new because you/he knows what is old, what is defined. Anyway, what if a random clump of dirt exists in a closed system? It is not without given properties even if it is random and having given 'random' properties, it / they are in fact complex. England writes papers and teaches at MIT that 'his' random clump of dirt is without anything and from 'his' nothing comes life. And, I am still smiling ~

Life is not equal to matter + energy -------------------- > Life equals matter + energy + information! I am sure you would agree that information to be recognized as 'useful' information has a source and such a source is not without definition or it would be no source!

The problem for most 'scientists' is accepting that we cannot know such a source in its nature nor its entirety from this closed system. And, why did I say 'useful'? Because, information that is not useful would not be recognized. And, that information comes from something/someone. The Creator of the program and His information is coming to us through quanta - packets of light. In enters the eye, the brain receives it, the mind either embraces it or rejects it.

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