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Thursday, February 2, 2017

So, it seems we live in a Digital Simulation having a Holographic Nature....

Well, it makes more sense than thinking first there was nothing and then it exploded as Dr. Chuck Missler commented...

Theoretical physicists have uncovered evidence that the universe is probably a giant holographic illusion. Actually, its more probable that we live in a digital simulation that has holographic nature. It appears that we experience reality in Planck lengths, quanta packets of light that enter the eye. The brain receives and reads the 'packets of information' and the mind interprets it.  

In that case, how are things perceived to be solid? In a digital simulation, the perception follows the rules put in motion/set in place for the program. This is not as abstract as you might think or could imagine. The holographic universe theory states that humans perceive reality as three dimensional, but it is in fact a mere projection on a two dimension surface... an illusion.  How do they know this? Good question. 

Having new telescopes, scientists have been able to observe the 'afterglow' of what they called left over from the big bang or when the hologram was launched. Because of quantum field theories we know that quantum packets of information are what make up the universe and all 'reality'. We experience them bit by bit... and who is sending those packets of information?  

What they look at ... the afterglow is the basic and or smallest pixels they can observe and they know that in quantum physics those packets of information can be cut in half and the next half cut in half until they get to a point of non-locality or where everything is located at the source of its projection. And, that projection comes from somewhere not nowhere. 

Was there nothing and then it exploded? If the hologram had a beginning, it was there in the mind of the Creator. For, no thing or man could ever imagine something before it was created.

*He was before all things and in Him all things hold together by the power of His Word ~ COL 1:17, Hebrews 1:3. 

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