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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Living in a Simulation!

We hear more and more from known physicists that we are living in a simulation. As a social quantum analyst, I saw of course we are. The problem though is that we have been creating false evidence for what we expect to be true. We expect to find aliens at the other end for one. We expect to find other beings and or other dimensions to explain this. None do.

Yet, if we agree that this is a simulation, then who created it? Which is exactly my point. Let me begin by saying that all things are held together by the creator of any program and or simulation. Even if the creator created another program to run the program. If a program was AI on the highest level to the point that it was almost human wouldn't it necessarily question its beginning. How did it come to be? Who created it? And, if given the answer, it is all likely that it could in fact reject the truth and in a vain attempt to create its own.

Not always have men been creating false evidence to support what they expect; that is if they expect to never have the full complete answer because the creator of all things seen and unseen is too large, too magnificent to behold. Yet, the creator leaves his mark, trails of information that provide an image of a very complex and beautiful design. There were many such men 'scientists' looking for such trails: Isaac Newton, Johan Kepler, Louis Pasteur and Gregor Mendel to name a few.

Gregor Mendel was a botanist, a Christian and the father of modern genetics. He observed what he later called an inherited image of the whole. The information transferred generation to generation yet in this state of entropy, condition of a fallen world, it is subjected to corruption, an image containing information that has been distorted by this condition. 

Having that in mind, can we know what the true reality is as we are seemingly doomed in a corrupt version of the simulation? Being able to answer this kind of question is what drives most scientists to conduct research and even crate false evidence for what they expect to be true.

Is there anything we can expect to be true as in actually true? We can expect that there is a creator who knows our condition and has a plan to reboot it.

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