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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Experience of Time is Really Living!

Time, space and matter came into existence simultaneously... as in created at the same time.

Did you know that time is a physical property and responds to physical properties? Time varies according to mass, gravity, and acceleration. We were taught that time is linear. This is because of the way in which we experience time, as a straight line  as a sequence of events. That is largely due to the fact that our finite universe is in a state of decay or entropy.

We also live in more than just a 3 dimensional space. How do we know this? We know because if we were to bend the straight line of 'time', we realize that time bends because it is a physical property and it responds to physical properties all of which give time a dimensional aspect which causes 'space'; given that, a straight line is no longer a true experience of time.

A time and space experience, for example, would be if you were to watch a parade you would see a band, a float or a procession of people go by one after the other. And, that would be your experience of the parade in time sequence. However, imagine how much different that same parade would look if you were standing on top of a building. You would see the entire parade all at once. Which is more exciting for you? I like the idea of seeing the parade bit by bit because of the expectation and thrill of seeing the next in line. Perhaps, that is why we see life that way. Could we see life from a higher viewpoint? I suppose we could, but we might not like the whole picture.

Information comes at us bit by bit and not all at once for the same reason. If we had all information at once how could we process each moment as separate and understand its relationship to other moments. Time in this world has many applications for us socially. Time teaches patience, its anticipation, its expectations with just reward along with rites of passage and longevity, its about the amount of time spent or wasted, as well as the healing aspect of time passing, moment by moment.

Could we imagine being a social actor without time. Albert Einstein said that people like us 'scientists' know that time is a persistent illusion. But if it has physical properties then how could it be an illusion. I think he meant that our vantage point is part of the problem in what seems to be the totality of reality just as I illustrated using the parade scenario. Yet, without time, where/what are we?

If we think about time as information, we might resolve to say that time has no mass. Yet, how could that be if we just said that it has physical properties and responds to physical properties? Think of time as the soft ware inside a hardware = the finite created universe.  The finite universe is what allows time to exist and have physical property. This outside casing or hardware has mass but the essentially quality of time is like software 'coded information', it has no mass.

Time is information. Can then information have physical property as a bulk of data. Can we change information? Now, that is a good question. Well, to repent means to rethink the information at hand. How much are we able to rethink? How broad is our imagination? Can we rethink and stop time's progression... as we experience it? Could we stop death? If we stopped death we would stop living. You see, we live in a bit by bit reality but in bulk data and living in the bulk of information is perhaps more living rather than is the individual on the building, we live a social life; thus, we are truly alive.

Could we live and not die if we just stop seeing a straight line? Perhaps, that was the demonstration by Jesus Christ through resurrection.

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