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Friday, March 24, 2017

The 6 day Creation ~ An Information Upload!

Many scientists - educated men/women, somehow cannot seem to imagine that all of this reality or information necessary for this reality could not be uploaded in just six days. They are the kind of people that live in a bubble of the flesh and not in the spirit. What is meant by that? It means that these kinds of people who consider themselves scientists are merely observing reality in the flesh.

In the flesh, they learned an 'agreed upon supposition' of reality and failed to recognize the superior information present in the spirit. Thus, they fail to look deeper than the surface of all information. What spirit is that? It is the Spirit of the Creator which is in everyone (all creation) and it is that which gives us a truer view of 'creation' reality/ life, a truer insight! Some say, " If I can't see it, it doesn't exist". Really, "Maybe you aren't really looking". Can you see the Higgs Boson without ever really looking for it as in seeking it; firstly inspired and driven by the Spirit to find it?

You really wonder why some fail to consider that the true nature of reality is information; in an information reality time is an information phenomenon that for us appears to have a physical property as it seems to move 'accelerate' and even carry with it mass and gravity. You really wonder why they fail to consider the laws of thermal dynamics, the nature of light, non-locality, the number of dimensions we exist in, and the holographic universe modeled by David Bohm supported by Roger Penrose, Ernard d'Espagnat and Brian Josephson.

I don't have their opinion on a six day creation and maybe they never had one. But, that does not matter considering that they supported a holographic universe. Having such insight, one can only imagine they did. As for others, you can really wonder why some 'scientists' cannot comprehend an information reality and or a holographic universe let alone a six day creation. Are they just truly in denial of the obvious? Or perhaps, they cannot nor will never recognize that all of creation is an information reality and its source is outside of our 'time' experience.

Is the six day creation absolutely true? Absolutely yes. But, don't just take my word. Best to read it for yourself in the Bible, the Word of God who is the Creator.  And, hopefully you will. But, I can share this, I recently came across an excellent observation of the six day creation from a six day creation believing scientist. Dr. Werner Gitt director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, in German has to this say about the six day creation.
       "For me, as an information scientist, the key question is the source of information. Regarding the length of the creation days, there is only one information source, and that is the Bible. In the Bible, God tells us that He created everything in six days."

For many it is the length of time that is bothersome. And, it would be for anyone who is a scientist of the flesh. Essentially, a person with man-made education (outside of the Word of God) who thinks that what they see happening is what happened. They don't look deeper at the atomic 'quantum' level. They don't look at the fact that complex design demands a complicated designer. The real problem for them is that they desperately want to answer a question asked in the flesh. What for? And, if they can't answer in their terms to make them appear great then it is impossible for them to agree that something greater than themselves created the universe in just six days.

But, Dr. Werner Gitt being an information scientists gets it. As a sociologist, I know that our social imagination exists as information. As information is received and used to create our reality, the source of it need not be known directly only that there is a source. Many scientists would agree that the direct as in an absolute source is not known by the receiver nor is it even necessary that it is known but simply known or one might say believes it exists. Otherwise, by not believing in the source's existence (though unseen) there would be no information to pass along because what would it mean. We do not share information that does not mean anything.

A six day creation is more than possible in an information reality, a social quantum reality! And, yet many (in the flesh) will argue that the Bible is a text written by men. The fact is that the Bible was written by God, though penned by men they were men in the spirit for men in the flesh would not have bothered. The Bible is an integrated message system, consisting of 66 separate books penned by 40 different individuals over time. And, we know what time is! The Bible is a hyper-dimensional text, it answers its own questions, its non local (prophetic) and it is an absolute mathematically precise holographic object of information emitting information.

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