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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Problem of not integrating Sociology with Quantum Physics...

Is there a problem? And from the sociologists perspective, its serious. You see, all of what we think we know to be true or real is what we through our social interaction conclude it to be; that conclusion is a collapsing of a 'wave' function of exchanged information. You see, we live in the flesh but we also live in the mind. In fact, for Charles H. Cooley, that is the only place we meet and exchange information concluding on or agreeing on what is really real. Even if we use 'equations' most are hypothetical constructs in the minds of like minded men/women who study what they think is the cosmos, the universe.

They fail to see that outside of that there isn't really anything until we say there is. Yet, in saying that is there a universe at all in which we can even exist ... in our minds? As long as we agree there is, it is. Are there experiments that tell us there is something out there whether or not we observe and in that observation collapse a wave function is which basically an agreement in the mind that something was observed. We only exchange that observation with others to make sure our observation really happened. Of course, there are those that will say the computer can detect something is without the human mind and I say who programmed it to look. Even having AI, it will eventually come round to the same kinds of questions... what is real and what is not really real to it. The only way it can 'prove' what is real is by association with other like minds (AIs) that come together in what can be called agreement reality.

Does that negate a creator? No, in fact it supports that a creator exists. The fact that in our minds is where we find reality suggests a creator which would ultimately the same conclusion arrived at by AI programs. They can reject or accept that conclusions but any rejection would be based on arrogance.

How is it possible to have only possibilities and through observation and exchange of information in the mind does any of it become real and make sense? That is largely determined by the creator of the program, isn't it? Can we learn anything about ourselves or the creator given this condition? Of course, we can learn more than we could ever imagine ... as would any program that accepted its creator and the path it had designed for it. Including eternal existence with the creator!

By leaving out the creator and his design for us to exist through information exchange in our minds is a problem because we fail to make a quantum leap in the social imagination. We end up looping crashing and restarting instead of moving forward. Crashing as we think we really see and understand something when we haven't' only to have to restart ... having to get back to the 'drawing' board. 

The failure is that we fail to realize our nature and existence in the mind which is the only reality there is... a social reality which is the only place we can know what is real to us through our being together and experiencing the creation as created entities/beings.

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