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Monday, November 7, 2016

What are the Three Aspects of the Creator? ~ How Software Quality can Illustrate!

We have so little understood the Creator. His nature via His word has been made more accessible, real, to us in view of applications in psychology and computer science. This is not man's doing, but the Creator's. The Codex provided to understanding His Word is the Bible. The Creator exists in three aspects - Father/Son/Holy Spirit.

The best way to understand this is by looking at software quality which also exists in three aspects. In my opinion, computer software quality is the better visual which we can imagine more easily in this computer oriented generation. Software quality can be seen as having three aspects: functional quality, structural quality, and process. Looking at the first aspect we find the function in the Son, the structure in the Father and the process in the Holy Spirit.
  • Functional Quality concerns how it functions for the user, specifically:  meeting the specified requirements, minimizing the defects, good enough performance, ease of learning and ease of use.
  • Structural Quality concerns the code, specifically testability, maintainability, understandability, efficiency, and security.
  • Process Quality concerns how it is built, specifically meeting delivery dates, meeting budgets, and repeatability.
These three aspects of quality are interconnected. This man can understand. However, man cannot know the higher program's software quality in any complete and or absolute mode of operation but man can be aware of the superior nature of the three aspects of a higher program's software quality though he cannot fully understand its absolute mode of operation outside of his own low software program quality. 

Can man or even a 'programmer' argue which is more valuable? The three aspects are one in their being and purpose in being, not to be set apart from each other for there would be no purpose of being served

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