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Monday, April 11, 2016

Creation vs Evolution in the Social Quantum Imagination ~ What makes us Human?

It is interesting to imagine a group of scientists sitting around discussing life and or the cosmos and its origin with the background being or setting being their office or in the lab, or chatting at their computers ...with their gray brain material visible housed in a skeleton..or perhaps with no clothes, just the bare and even gross physical attributes of the flesh that we call human. Would anyone looking at this scene believe that what they were doing, thinking was remotely important or true? I doubt it.

So what makes us human? Isn't it what is housed in the brain, the mind. The mind is something we cannot see nor will we ever see it. Yet, somehow it arose out of nothing, out of perhaps our imagination. After all, we imagine that from a simple organism comes complexity. Doesn't anyone know that for even a simple organism to exist it needs a complex system. Who put the complex system there? Some argue a random event caused 'nature' and it was nature that evolved(s) and became complex. Really, why would it? What would encourage that, direct it even nature to move forward or be what liberals like to call progressive?

The real concern should be where is this information coming from, this information that directed nature, directed human beings to arrive on the scene or even for that matter the smallest of mindless grubs? Why should man have a mind? Why not everything else including carrots or a tree or the wind?

Information has a source. Information does not just pop out of thin air and even thin air has information that describes what it is and directs where it goes. It was informed. And, I highly doubt that I came to be in any other way. Now, you are back to nature and evolution. That it informs. Really, what informs it to be and to act? Now, you argue that it just is/does and don't I read books, don't I know science. Sure, I know science.

It exists in the mind of men! And, who put it there? Who informed them? It just evolved so you say. What for? Nothing happens without reason in a logical world... after all you say it is by evolution and evolution is a forward progress, right? You suppose evolution has a forward direction and that supposes some kind of logic in its information. Whose information? By what design is such information?

Did you know that electron,s in the Niels Bohr model of the atom, can only behave in classical motion? Which means that electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom as the earth orbits the sun. Because of that, electrons can only orbit stably, without radiating, in certain orbits at a certain discrete set of distances from the nucleus.  Just as the earth can only remain stable at the distance it is from the sun.

Fascinating is the behavior of electrons which can jump  from one allowed orbit to another without changing the classical model of the atom's orbit. The significance of the Bohr model is that the laws of classical mechanics apply to the motion of the electron about the nucleus only when restricted by a quantum rule.

Even more fascinating, is when we retreat to our imagining the scientists discussing this using their gray material...and you say it just evolved that way. I could agree to that but what directed it to do so?

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