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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dimensional Capacities of Created Beings ~ Finally Thinking Outside the Box!

Interesting isn't that 20 years ago, Dr. Hugh Ross wrote "Beyond the Cosmos". Here we are twenty years later and still people grope in the dark about our true nature, created beings with dimensional capacities.  According to Dr. Ross, an exceptional apologist besides being a PhD in astronomy, recognizes that human dimensional capacities are by God's design but not at the level that God, the Creator, is able to have and to sustain. His ways are higher than our ways. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts" ~ Isaiah 55:9.

In the chapter titled - Dimensional Capacities of Created Beings, Ross informs us of humans capacities. Reading page 118, we learn that humans are soulish creatures endowed with self-awareness and God awareness, innate moral and ethical standards and a proclivity for religious expression and exploration. Humans exist in God's given (to/for man) space and time dimension of the universe and yet He also gave man the capacity to venture beyond that given through an additional dimension - a spiritual reality (established in man's awareness of God) which allows man to go beyond the given temporal dimensions of  his temporal existence. Yes, men are subject to natural laws, social laws, and spiritual laws but the later only if he answers God's calling to that higher dimension (Ross: pg. 118).

The dimensional capacities are our ability to think outside the box of the visible physical world, to imagine and to see beyond what is. How else could we observe and understand the quantum reality? For many, the greatest obstacle to accepting our Creator is a lack of understanding dimensional aspects of time and space.  Many tend to live and perceive the world from a universe zipped up in a sleeping bag. For them, even if they were to tumble down a hill inside of it, they would not be able to consider that there is something outside of it as they hit a bump or two as they roll down. It is the built in dimensional capacities that Ross impresses in his book that reveals man's ability to think outside the box and or sleeping bag.

The difficulty for some people to think outside the box is due to their rejecting what is written in their default mode. One can imagine that any robot man creates will have the desire to know its creator and to either reach out to him or to reject him. The rejecting comes from the inability to understand the dimensional aspect of creation. If I am me, then how did I get here and from where... ? And, though that is written in us, there is also given free will which can be understood as an AI being a fully functioning creation with dimensional capacities so that the creator does not have to continually reboot, upgrade and write new commands daily.

This kind of contemplation is  not new. Today, one can use computer programming to describe our imagining a relationship with our Creator. Aristotle called Him the prime mover as a Creator who creates outside of what He himself, the Creator is. Plato too reasoned that since all time dependent phenomena are temporal then to some degree they must be illusory and valueless, for only what is timeless and unchanging and eternal retains ultimate reality and value (Ross: pg. 43)

 It is time and space that most often comes up in such discussions, as in our temporal world, it seems that they control everything that happens to us. It is because we have a limited perspective of time and space in this dimension. Time is defined by the operation of cause and effect. Again, because we have limited dimensional capacities, we cannot understand that there is connection between time and space and our dimensional capacities to imagine beyond them. If were so embedded in just a 3D reality, then we would not even imagine a 4th or its existence which is the space of our moving in time. We imagine today at least 10 dimensions that is only because we have already dimensional capacities... the first being to think outside the box.

Christ was the patch to remind us that there is a higher realm waiting for us. Dr. Ross proposes that there will be multiple time dimensional experiences that God has in store for our unending timeful life with Him (Ross: pg. 67). It is a choice... rejecting the Creator's offer only leads to permanent deletion.

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