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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Changing Energy into Matter

Can we change energy into matter? We have the ability to turn matter into energy; but, we don't have the ability to turn one kind of atom into another. Again, we can take atoms and split them and create energy which is taking matter and converting into energy. Again, the question... Can we change energy into matter? We are not beings of energy but beings of energy. In one room is energy and the other side of the room is matter, one side can turn energy into matter and visa versa - take matter and turn it into energy. We know how to use the code but not break it. Perhaps it is because we are created matter. Maybe we will be able to but for now we are or will be using nanotechnology beginning with 3-D printing. Before getting deeper into that subject, let us consider what 3-D printing in combination with the previous post about entanglement which stated that particles have no 'real' physical properties, would bring out a "brave new world".

Now, on sci-fi flicks we have seen this new world and soci-physic option regarding being in a place. In such films/TV series, we see someone step up to the window and request a glass of red Merlot, viola there it is. They actually created red Merlot because they are able to turn energy into any kind of matter they choose. They can do it instantly. This sort of power is highly unlikely in the near future. However, nanotechnology promises to give it to us in the near future. Which is really microscopic programmed robots. In that "brave new world", we will be presented with a whole new set of problems and dangers.

Those dangers would be nanotechnology itself and its evolution. Remember, nanotechnology is the creation of microscopic robots who have the ability to manipulate atomic structures. They would be programmed to move electrons and protons within atoms to create one kind of atom into a different kind of atom. This would give us the ability to change one kind of atom to another, we could take water for example and turn it into aluminum. Nano robots like any programmed machine would develop bugs and glitches and become unreliable or even rogue. They could be programmed to do bad things as in weapons.

They could be programmed to disassemble human beings. This makes them a horrifying weapon. On the up side they would give us the power to eliminate limited resources and allow mankind freedom from labor and eliminate the freedom of a few to control the resources of many. This would eliminate economic hierarchy giving the individual the opportunity to create what they need when they need it. However, this causes other social problems which is can we trust individuals to get what they want when they want it. Is that a good idea? Without nanotechnology we have no way to turn one kind of atom into other. Yet, it is now being developed and is inevitably on the horizon... let's hope not. 

*From things unseen come things that are ~ Faith is the substance of things hoped for ~ Hebrews 11. And, such faith which is unseen should be in our Creator not in what we create. The Creator God is energy and He turns energy into  matter and it is in this way that He created the universe and everything in it, things seen and unseen. "For our God is a consuming fire ~ " Hebrews 12:29.

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