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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Multidimensional Aspect of Man

What are we? Are we really just flesh and blood? In the social imagination, socially, we are a composite of all social interaction, a member of the society made known to us through the socialization process. We cannot know ourselves as human beings 'persons' outside of the social reality. Essentially, the socialization process is a means of downloading information. Essentially, we as persons are 'information'. As I just wrote, a composite of all social interaction which is basically encounters with information.

Considering that, what is the nature of information? Is it just one dimensional. Rather it is multidimensional.

If we are that kind of information, then are we multidimensional beings?

If we were to answer yes to that question, and we can because information comes in from all kinds of different directions tangible and non-tangible. We live a very abstract life in the social imagination as what we think we see is a matter of perception and our perception is shaped by social interaction, social imagination. Given that, then what is the perception of life and death, isn't it their perception a form of information as well? Yes it is. For sure, if you can never know death as we perceive it in this dimension but are we perceiving it wrongly. If death is a packet of information then the way we see it and interact with that information can be endless in the multidimensional world of information. The same can be said about life.

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