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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Action Oriented Universe ~ Does it Matter in the Social Imagination?

Is the universe action oriented? Let us first then consider what the basic properties are- light particles. 
Particles in physics are both elementary and subatomic and a body whose spatial extent and internal motion and structure, if any, are irrelevant in a specific problem. Why? Because light is a constant. Now, maybe it can move faster than we previously thought but it cannot be made extinct. Why? Because, we could not recognize such extinction. We  might propose a theory for it but essentially, a theory is just a theory. 

Scientists have yet to grasp the idea that we can suppose something to be true but it many times can never prove its truth. We cannot imagine non-existent light. We have no way of knowing what that means. You see, all reality though composed of what we think as particles of light is information in the mind/brain. We cannot know reality outside of that. We cannot imagine it either.  

Does the idea that the universe is action oriented matter? Speaking as a sociologist, I can say that it does matter but in respect of how we imagine that action. What purpose does it serve us to imagine action in the universe, the Big Bang, Spooky Action at  Distance or if the universe is expanding or not? That is the question.It does matter for the sociologist when light is understood as a constant, a blue screen for all action. In this way, we then can understand how action matters as a set of all possibilities as in having the potential imagine the universe as we have a flat screen a constant backdrop.

In this way, we can exercise our imagination and be creative; imagining all sorts of things even entanglement. Because, the screen is so large... when two "daughter" photons are entangled — if you look at the state of one photon, you know the state of the other, instantly. Without the understanding of a constant, this is impossible. Which is why we cannot imagine non-existent light and why the universe is action oriented. 

*the second image (above) I produced in my kitchen.

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