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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Locus of Social Reality ~ The 'Kingdom' comes from Within

I posted and commented about Blackholes and Wormholes last week to interest you in the idea that even grand science is socially constructed and is only what we imagine. We truly seek to know what we are and what is in us rather than what is out there. Ironically, the approach is backwards. Social reality comes from within... there is no other reality we can know.

We can read often the debates between evolutionist thinkers vs. creationists. There are and have been conflicts between Evolution and Creationism for many years. They occur when evolutionists argue that creationism is not a scientific theory because it cannot be tested by the scientific method, whereas creationists argue that evolutionists do not take God into account and that evolution is just a theory rather than a fact. They argue that scientific methodology which is based on physical evidence can never be reconciled with the creationist faith-based account of creation.

They 'scientists' and science is only what men make of it. Science does not exist without man. In fact, all social reality that we think exits only exists in our social reality. American Sociologist Charles H. Cooley said that all social reality 'society' exists solely in the mind which is a vastness without end and is eternal. Likewise, we can understand what Luke knew and Leo Tolstoy later wrote ...that the Kingdom of God is within you. Sadly, this is information that we have yet to embrace.

We spend all our time on what is out there rather than what is inside, in our spirit, and in our mind. What is out there? One could imagine that it is an aspect of our own mind in full view, that we are yet to comprehend; it is the full imagination of the Creator.
The locus of all reality comes from within... the question is if we are the projectors, who is projecting. Some say we are. But projectors need a projectionist - The Creator. In some sense, we are projecting and  interacting information programs created to run within a greater program.

Yes, we often read that science provides us with information and answers to our being and the universe. Science exists in the minds of men. Does that mean God does too? Yes. We have yet to embrace that. We keep wandering off as we become absorbed in our projections and fail to recognize source of them. They then appear to be 'out there' and exist outside of us. Sociologists over the years have had trouble with this too and have come up with theories that suggest society is a kind of sui generis over and above us [Durkehim].

In this event, agreement of the agreement projection requires a hypothesis or theory to be testable and supported by physical evidence, whereas religion which I prefer to call faith requires acceptance of a doctrine or belief without analysis or judgment. Actually, both science and faith work in the same way - toward agreement reality. Whether we are talking about equations or scripture, it all comes from within. This is what any program seeks to do, know the creator of it and its purpose.

What comes from within man is his/her desire to know the Creator of Heaven and Earth of all things seen and unseen (the quantum level) but never for the sake of oneself but for the sake of oneself in the context of others- agreement. Some seek the Creator (who and how and why it all began) one way and others another. What creationists embrace 'accept' is not based on or because of 'religion' but based on information the same as any other scientist who can fall prey to his / her other theory which can become a religion.

Creationists know that the kingdom is an eternal kingdom, because all information as in every word of it comes from the mouth of God the Creator of all things seen and unseen. You may argue that men speak words and men wrote the Bible. Does that mean that men create themselves and through their words evolve to be God through use of 'words'? Yes and No. Yes, because this is what the Creator programmed us to do become like Him. We can accept that or not. It is our choice to accept the Kingdom within us. The commands programed in us 'command' each program to be like the Creator in order to be saved. No - because we are not God, we are created by God. No one is greater than the Creator, not even the creation.We can assume that by not accepting the commands, the program cannot be saved. Because, letting your sinful nature, indulgence in what the mind projects and that alone as a glorification of the self and not the Creator, only leads to death ~ Romans 8

What is out there is in us to discover...The Kingdom of God is Within. "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say , 'here it is', or 'there it is,' because the Kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

"In the beginning there was the Word and the Word with was God and the Word was God..He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." John 1: 1-4 and without Him, nothing is alive nor can be saved.

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